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The following images and notes are a small sample of our work around the world.  We have supplied, installed and improved broadcast systems in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.


The first national networks of FM transmitters for BBC World Service, DVB-S2 uplink systems for audio and television, analogue TV transmitters and links, digital DVB-T2 transmitters in Kabul with training, a medium-wave transmitter in Ghazni, broadcast towers and power systems.


We designed and installed studios and transmission system for the island of Alderney's Quay FM.  The antenna system uses circular polarisation to maximise the coverage permitted under their license.


Installation of various FM transmitters and satellite reception equipment throughout the country and maintenance of Eddystone and GatesAir/Harris transmitters.

Côte d'Ivoire

Transmitter monitoring equipment using VSAT devices for BBC World Service.  These allow monitoring of all transmitter parameters and automatically report problems to the UK network operations centre.


We constructed university radio stations in Awassa and Haramaya, broadcast studios in Addis Ababa and high power FM transmitters in Oromia and Amhara districts.


We installed, upgraded and inspected many different broadcast systems throughout Kosovo.


Supply and installation of a complete radio station in Basra, upgrading an existing station with new transmitters and supply of VSAT broadcast uplinks.  And surveying of existing stations in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Assistance to two national television broadcasters, reinstating technical systems following war damage.

Marshall Islands & Micronesia

Assessment of radio stations in the Marshall islands and Micronesia (Pohnpei, Chuuk, Kosrai and Yap).  Radio Marshalls were able to install a new 10kW medium-wave transmitter system as a result.  Improvements were made at stations in Micronesia to increase resilience and coverage.


A suite of Sonifex studios were installed at Kaduna State Media Corporation.  Other work on studios and FM/AM transmitter systems has been undertaken in various locations across the country.

Sierra Leone

Construction of FM transmitter networks for BBC World Service, Capital Radio and SLBC. Installation of studio facilities for Capital Radio & SLBC.  All other technical/IT systems for Capital Radio.

South Sudan

Upgrading SSBC television satellite uplink system with new encoders, modulators, controller and redundant BUC/HPA. Supply and installation of BIII television antenna system in Juba.