Establishing a broadcast operation can be a major challenge, especially in a developing country or one recovering from conflict. Even in developed countries, the different systems and agencies involved can make the process highly complex. It may be necessary to evaluate an existing operation, to look at how effective it is, how and where it is accessible and how it should be enhanced or how successful a completed programme has been.

We have many years of experience with establishing and improving broadcast operations and can offer timely advice based on field trips, discussions with existing staff and governmental and non governmental organisations. We have provided consultancy services in many different countries, carefully considering the requirements of each individual market and accounting for the locally available resources and skills base.

We can work with other organisations and individuals to build a team most appropriate for any assignment, with the skills necessary for the particular project. We have worked on very small projects involving a single consultant to those requiring a large team. We consider that no project is too small or too large.